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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bad MOTO, Bad!

Open Source is Not Just A Technical Idea.

A recent Linux Magazine (March 2007) article sang the praises of Motorola moving to Linux and Java for all of their cellular phone programming efforts. They gleefully chirped the website Motorola put up for Open-Source Development to share information. It sounded great.

If fact, it sounded too Good To Be True.

Unfortuntely it was.

Yes, the Open Source files being used by Motorola, ARE posted on the Website. But the convoluted way required for developers to access these files is a road-blocked at every turn.

Sharing obviously does not mean the same to Motorola as it does to the rest of us.

My View IS: Pat them on the back when they do it right, and Smack them Down when they Screw It UP!

This is a Smack-Down, plain and simple.

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