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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Are You A Self Googler?

Are You A Self Googler?

by EML Lopez Jr.

Ever wonder what kind of information the WEB has about You?

Have you ever put your name in the Google search bar to find out?

According to a recent study, about 47% of you do. An since the "web" can be pretty sneaky at snagging information, it's good idea to be curious.

Googling yourself can help.

Another report has estimated that over 40% of internet traffic (I personally feel that number is too low), is "BOTS" sniffing for information. Bots are programmed Spiders that crawl the Web looking for "whatever" it can find.

So it behooves you to take notice about what you have hanging out "There" on the Wild Wild Web.

Most of that 47% do it once for curiousity's sake, but since the Web is more dynamic than static, it's a good idea to recheck your online baggage on a regular basis.

Another way to look at Web Browsing is to think of a Web Page as the tip of an iceberg. And heaven only knows what is happening behind the scenes, with javascripts and Ajax scripts fetching information willy-nilly.

Look behind the curtains!

The wizard could be a harmless robot with harmless intent. But what if it's the other kind?

A Rogue Robot out to pick your pockets of valuable information. With the number of running around in the botsWeb, the odds are not good that only the "nice ones" will find your stuff "out there" hanging by a thread.

Keep Googling and "Don't Open Attachments!"

Two modern day mantras to live by.



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