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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flaws in the Triangle Offense

Flaws in the Triangle Offense

by elobopper

I've never been a fan of the "Triangle Offense"; ever since the Piston's embarrassed the Lakers and it's "stable" of Super Stars with little teamwork, I saw the flaws in the Triangle.

The Triangle Was and Is a Panacea.

The "magic elixer" the con-artist sells the unsuspecting throng.

"Step right up folks and I' ll show you a miracle-in-a-bottle, the stuff that dream teams are made of..."

And so it went. The Dream. The Team.

The Season that could have been, except for the flaws in the ointment. It rubs me the wrong way, this dependence on a mystic shape.

It should rub everyone the wrong the wrong way after this season.

I'm not so sure we can recover from this slap in the face.

I hope so, but it will be hard.

List of Problems:

1. Numbers are bad. The focus is on three points. The teams have 5 players. Do the Math, two players, by design, are not in the picture.

2. Focus is on Offense. Defense is Secondary.

3.Wooden's Bruins Never used the Triangle. They played pretty good.

4.Triangle becomes a panacea in the place of "work ethic".

5.Team Play (with Star Power) beats Star Power every time. Remember the Pistons.

6.Expectations. It's hard to bolster up expectations with triangles, no matter how good your X's and 0's drawings skills are.

There is plenty of room for finding more flaws in the dreaded "Triangle".

Still, a Laker Fan...


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