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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gibson, French Maids and IPOD wagging Apple

Finally finished "Virtual Light" by William Gibson and enjoyed it immensely. Up next: Dan Brown's "The DaVinci Code" .


Interested in learning about Podcasting?

some French Maid Video tutorials can help you out.

Check it out at: French Maid TV.

See, I'm not totally against Apple...


Even with Windows Vista delayed until 2007, it seems Apple is still losing ground and may slip to 3rd place behind Linux
(both together under 10 % of sales, Windows number 1 with 90+%).

And, in a recent Linux magazine article called "The Apple Store", Joe Casad, Editor in Chief of Linux Pro Magazine bemoans the trials and tribulations of trying to find an extra battery for his Mac.

It seems the Hot-Selling Tail of Ipods is now wagging the dog Apple.

The Apple Store has been effectively turned into an IPOD boutique.

Recent concerns about Apple's new alliance with Intel somehow overshadowing Linux's growth seems unlikely.

Linux is Not in the boutique business.

Thank goodness.