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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tools in the Toolbox

What Makes Linux Different?

The other day I was installing the new license number to the Honda. It needed a hex wrench. I didn't have one. Well, actually, I DID have one, I just couldn't find it easily. I used an oversized open wrench instead. It did the job, but wasn't as handy as the right tool for the job, which was a socket wrench.

Linux comes with a toolbox with All the Right Tools.

Even some of it's more famous software such as: Zope, Emacs and even recovery Knoppix CD's have been touted as SAK, swiss army knife tools. Even the TK in Tcl/Tk stands for ToolKit.

It seems funny to say, seeing how popular Linux is today, but it wouldn't be around if there were no GNU tools to create it.

Yes, technically it should be called GNU/Linux to remind us of the importance of the right tools for the job, but I'm okay with just Linux. I am well aware of what it was built on:
an outrageous collection of programming tools.