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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Post Keep Coming. Ideas in the Works:

Blog Ideas:12-13-2006
The Gig is UP....Again
New Sony/SanDisk DUO leapfrogs to 64 gig.
Partial post at Media Circus 2 BLOG
The Road AROUND Dependency HELL!
Ubuntu simplifies Installing Shoutcast (The Podcast creator)
The Coding Culture Dish:
Have an Itch? Scratch it with Code projects.
YUM, Apt-get and Red Carpet:
RPM loaders for different Applications that work on RPM (Redhat Package Manger) repositories for hassel-free download and installation.
HEND((H)omebrew (EN)coder 'D' and Sony's firmware update 3.0x:
A WEEK after Sony released their latest Take-Away firmware update 3.0, I was running the Homebrew Hack that gave me BACK RSS feeds and internet BROWSER.
In its latest attempt to thwart Homebrewers from IMPROVING on a glorious system called the PSP,
Internet Solutions Are Universal, Not Proprietary
Why Open Source Works!