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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Going UP the Gibson

My new favorite writer, as readers of this Blog already know, is William Gibson. I became rehooked on his wrting style after reading "Pattern Recognition"

Being a subscriber to WIRED magazine, I caught a few article written by "The Gibson", and a newsbite that the novel "Pattern Recognition" was going to Film and being directed by Peter Weir (fingers crossed they do it right).

Next I jumped into the Trilogy "Idoru", "Virtual Light" and "All Tomorrows Parties", BACKWARDS (StarWars style), which means I'm now reading "Idoru". It helps knowing some of the characters I met in later novels. One of the reasons for going at it that way was the Bookstore. Today, Gibson is seen as more mainstream, whereas he really created a sub-genre of Science-Fiction many years ago called Cyberpunk with his publication of his Hugo winner "Neuromancer".

This puts his current work in Popular Fiction and Older work in SF.

Go figure.